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Welcome to Nigel's Gallery, showing a selection of the work of Nigel Sutton

This site is divided into a number of sections, listed below, each with a different theme such a oil and acrylic painting or computer graphics. You can navigate around the site by clicking on the graphics, on the coloured HTML links, or you can go directly to any page by using the Site Map.   

Paintings Gallery

The Studio

Painting: Solva Bluebells 

Solva Bluebells



Gwal-y-Filiast 28"x24"  Acrylic


The Paintings Gallery contains the paintingsartist's statement, and the visitors' book (e-mail contact page).

 The Studio, which is part of the paintings gallery, contains a selection of my latest paintings, some still drying.

No Exhibitions In 2020

For the first time in nearly 20 years there are no exhibitions of my work running or planned and with the coronavirus epidemic unabated there seems little prospect of one running in the near future.

For now Nigel's Gallery exists only on the Internet and I hope you enjoy looking at my work here.

Satori Tutorials


Satori Tutorilas: The Third Dimension

Icon:  Butterfly on Gold

Butterfly on Gold. (Opens with Satori.)

Icon: Horace


Icon:  Management Hierarchy

Management Hierarchy

Some tutorials for Satori FilmFX, my favourite graphics software.

A set of icons which I created for use with graphics files. They provide useful information about the type of file as well as which program will be used to open it.


Web Site Design

A d v e r t s

My own selection of artists materials, graphics software, PC software and web sites.

I have tried to make this site accessible to a wide range of browsers. If you experience problems viewing this site then the hints in this section may help.

Ads appear only if you want them. This is a junk-free site.

 Nigel Sutton

All artwork, photography and web site design are copyright, but I do allow limited personal use of the images as set out in my copyright page which you can reach by clicking the copyright graphic.

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