This page contains links to some web sites and software which I like and use. It is not an unbiased or comprehensive review, just a personal selection.

Web Sites



NASA Home Page.

European Space Agency

More on space, this time from the ESA.


News and information about meteor showers, solar flares, auroras, and near-Earth asteroids

Science & Technology Daily

Science, technology, future developments, innovations, implications

Arts & Letters Daily

Arts ideas, criticism and debate.


Wayne Foulton's excellent advice on how to get the best results when scanning your photographs.

Gibson Research

A free test of your computer's internet security.

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Free Software

Increasingly it is the Free Software Movement which is producing the best quality software as well as the most economical.

Free Software Foundation

"`Free' as in `Freedom'".

GNU's not UNIX

The GNU project, where it all began.


News about all the latest GNU/Linux distributions.

Take your pick: Debian, SUSE, Red Hat/Fedora, Mandriva and hundreds more.

Source Forge

Vast repository of free software.

Mozilla Firefox

Probably the best browser in the world.

Mozilla Thunderbird

Probably the best e-mail program in the world.

HT Track

Web site Copier - Off-line Browser.



Open Office

Free Software version of Sun Microsystem's Star Office.


Compression utility.


3D software


Excellent bitmap graphics software.


Vector graphics software.

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Proprietary Software

Some of this software is free in the more limited sense that there are freeware versions available.

Satori FilmFX

At the price, the most powerful graphics software available for artists and designers. Unfortunately, Spaceward, which wrote Satori FilmFX, has ceased develpment and maintanence but FilmFX can still be downloaded from Spaceward's web site.

I have provided some tutorials for FilmFX in this site. 

NetObjects Fusion

Not perfect but still the best web site construction package for anyone who wants maximum results for minimum technical entanglement.


A very useful, versatile file viewer and converter.

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Web Site Tools

Dynamic Drive

Dynamic Drive provide a lot of useful scripts and other web site tools.

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