Layers And Mappings


It's now time to put theory into practice with a simple animated canvas, rendered here as an animated gif.


The animation was produced from the four animated canvases as shown below:-

The rocket and each of the star bursts have been loaded to layer, scaled, and rotated. You will notice that I have marked the start and end points of the rocket and star burst tracks with circles and triangles which are not animated. These are a great help when positioning the layers and can be removed in the final version. 


Loading to layer is very flexible but is also time consuming if you want to create a lot of objects from one lower level canvas. There is an alternative which is to use a mapping.

Fireworks By Mapping

Each of the rocket and star burst streaks is drawn using a straight line from the Geometry Actions Pallet with mapping from a lower level canvas

It's worth playing with the "Keep Aspect, Window, Warp" options of mapping as you can get some very interesting effects from them.

At first sight the lower level canvases look very strange but the process of mapping them onto lines turns them into streaks of light. Each circle becomes two streaks moving away from the centre of the line. Note that in Fireworks By Mapping the bottom half of the layer containing Rocket has been masked to leave only an upward streak of light.


The main advantage of using mappings is speed: it's much faster to draw brush strokes and geometry objects from the actions pallet than to load canvases to layer. Having said that, loading a lower level canvas to layer does give you a greater degree of control over its contribution to the final image.

Regardless of whether one uses mappings or layers the advantages of nested canvases apply to nested animated canvases. In a nutshell: you can break down the creation of one complex image into a number of simpler images, with Satori keeping track of every canvas so that if you change something in a lower level canvas Satori automatically picks up the changes when rendering the top canvas.

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 Nigel Sutton