Pleochroic Sunrise

'Pleochroic Sunrise' 40" x 20" - Acrylic

The unusual title requires a few words of explanation.

The inspiration for this painting was the colours produced by thin sections of rock crystals when viewed through a polarizing microscope. The term 'pleochroic' describes the property which some minerals have to produce varying colours when plane polarized light is shone through them at different angles. Such colours are normally, but not always, pale so it is colours of the clouds and sky which resemble colours produced by pleochroism.

The stones themselves are not pleochroic; they resemble the view of crystals seen through crossed polars. As for the grass, I decided to use artistic licence.

NB 'Pleochroic' has nothing to do with 'Palaeolithic'; Stonehenge is a Neolithic monument.