I'm offering a selection of icons to anyone who would like a change from the ones given with the software packages they are using.

I designed them because I was fed up with the way in which each software package overwrote whatever previous choice had been made and stuffed its own icon selection in. Often all the new icons told me is that the file would be opened using program XYZ, not anything useful about the file itself..  

The butterfly series e.g.:

Studios e.g:

Others e.g:

 The icons are available in a self-extracting 7Zip file and a gziped tar archive.

The butterfly series was designed to identify different types of graphics files. The studios were designed to be shortcuts to folders with pictures in them and the others can be used for anything.



The butterfly icons are designed to tell you three things:

1) What is in the file/library. A butterfly tells you it's a graphics file.



Icon Graphic

2) What type of file is it. This is indicated by the type of butterfly and the text and background colour beneath it: gold, silver and bronze; for example you could use:

  1. Gold for vector graphics files, scalable without loss of quality to any resolution.
  2. Silver for bit maps, either uncompressed or compressed without loss of quality e.g. TIFF.
  3. Bronze for compressed files where quality is lost e.g. JPEG.



3) What program will open the file. For example:-

  1. A candle for Satori Film FX.
  2. A paint brush for a bitmap editor.
  3. A magnifying glass for a file viewer.




 Nigel Sutton