Artist's Statement

Much of my work is inspired by the Pembrokeshire seascape and landscape and by the ever-changing light. I love walking, especially on the coastal path, and no matter how many times I revisit a place I am always rewarded with new experiences to absorb and add to my paintings. This helps me to bring fresh views and interpretations to even the most often-painted scenes. Sometimes I try to capture the warmth, coolness, movement or stillness of a moment in time, such as the last rays of the setting sun illuminating wisps of cloud, or a wave crashing against the shore and then retreating into the sea.

However, there is another side to my work: paintings which show an imaginary, parallel world which is familiar yet mysterious and surreal. For example, the two paintings below are both of the Bishop's Palace in St. Davids. The second is one of a series of paintings in the Cathedral exhibition in this web site, which were inspired by the thought: "What would St. David's Cathedral look like if it were made of modern stained glass?".

Painting: Bishop's Palace II

Painting: Bishop's Palace I

The Bishop's Palace II 32"x24", Oil

The Bishop's Palace 32"x24", Oil

Main Previous Exhibitions

2012 onwards

Annual summer exhibitions at St. David's Cathedral and other venues in north Pembrokeshire.

2015 St David's Cathedral Festival Exhibition.

2007 to 2011

Permanent exhibition at Nigel's Gallery, The Old Printing House, Solva.

 Nigel Sutton